Animal Frequency Pdf Download

Author: Melissa Alvarez
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738751499
Size: 48.21 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Animal Frequency

Discover the energetic power of animals and how to connect with their frequencies in order to grow spiritually. This easy-to-use, A to Z reference guide contains encyclopedic listings for nearly two hundred animals—wild, domestic, and mythical—and easy techniques and visualizations for building relationships with them, including energetically bonding with your pets. All animals possess a distinctive energy vibration that can connect with yours, allowing you to communicate with them and understand their role in your spiritual development. Praise: “In this reference manual, spirituality coach Alvarez explores the meanings and messages she believes can be found in relationships with animals. Providing encyclopedic information on almost 200 species, Alvarez encourages readers to pay attention to the animals that appear in their lives and lays out ways to better bond with their pets. The book also features guided meditations and visualizations.—Publishers Weekly “When understanding subtle energy and its effects, we can bridge the gap between our reality and that of the animals. This is where we find the magic. Animal Frequency gives meaning to these experiences.”—Dr. Dennis W. Thomas, doctor of veterinary medicine, author of Whole-Pet Healing “Animal Frequency is an important book that you’ll read for pleasure, and will refer to for the rest of your life.”—Richard Webster, bestselling author of Spirit & Dream Animals “Animal Frequency is a valuable addition to any animal magic practitioner’s bookshelf. [Melissa] presents a unique approach to working with animal spirits.”—Lupa, author of New Paths to Animal Totems “Animals communicate with us on many different spiritual and energetic levels . . . Animal Frequency is a powerful resource that will enable you to embrace their infinite wisdom and divine essence on a higher level. The guided meditations will allow you to connect to the frequency of the Animal Kingdom to learn how to open your heart and mind to their powerful messages.”—Karen Anderson, animal communicator and psychic medium “Animal Frequency opens our minds to both the rich possibility of communicating more easily with our animal friends and to recognizing their powerful symbolic meanings as they appear in our lives. You'll enjoy the personal stories about how animals influence our lives—and begin to pay closer attention to the ways that they show up to bring messages. Animal Frequency is a fun reference book to keep on the shelf.”—Debra Moffitt, award-winning author of Garden of Bliss and Awake in the World “Melissa has given us a wonderful reference to help us tap into the frequency of our incredible animal kingdom. As a practicing psychic, I receive many messages using animals to help me and having this as a go to guide will be a necessary part of my practice! I recommend this book to anyone who is developing or understanding their own intuitive gifts as Melissa has gone above and beyond to help us connect to our animals in a way no other has before-she gives us different, relevant ways to interpret each animal’s energy. This book will be one you will want to keep in your collection always!”—Melanie Barnum, author of Psychic Vision and The Pocket Book of Psychic Development

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